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Psychotronics & Gang-stalking


littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Mind Justice One of the original sites regarding psychotronics and directed energy. Documentation of technologies used in harassment. U.N. expert in the field.
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) CATCH Citizens against technological and community based harassment
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Data Filter A library of documents and papers related to psychotronics, directed energy, government projects and more.
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Mind Control Forums Site run by and for victims. A sort of hub on the web for support and discussion.
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) "Journey to Freedom" Day-to-Day Victim Accounts of Organized Stalking and Electromagnetic Harassment

Additional Sites:

eNewsletters & Information:
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) FlyByNews
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Citizens for a Legit Government
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Greg Palast
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Global Research
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Media Matters
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) New Scientist Magazine

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Ray Kurzweil's Artificial Intelligence Site
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) His Book: "The Singularity is Near"

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Robert McChesney -
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Media Matters
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Media Problem .org

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Book: Our Media, Not Theirs
The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media
by Robert W. McChesney, John Nichols

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Tranceformation of America and For Reasons of National Security. A former DOD contractor for trauma-based mind control and the victim he rescued reveal  the Federal methods.

Peace & Justice

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Veterans for Common Sense
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) The Peace Alliance for the Dept. of Peace


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