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littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Who Owns What You Hear?
The Columbia Journalism Review shows you which companies control the information you hear and read.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Study: People's views of Iraq conflict affected by their news source

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Florida Appellate Court Rules News Media Can Legally Lie

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Bill O'Reilly on caller defending Media Matters, other "nuts": "We should go to their house. ... I can get their addresses when they call in"

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Stop News Fraud
Recognizing the practices of corporate media and propaganda

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Free Press Action Page
An excellent resource for activism

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Support the Truth in Broadcasting Act. Prohibit the Federal Government from buying the news.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Complain to Broadcasters
sample letter

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Complain to the FCC
sample letter

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Complain to the FTC
sample letter

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Complain to Congress
sample letter

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Contacting Elected Officials. A quick "how to" guide, with links for sending your comments.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Information / disinformation from all your favorite news anchors. Tracked and exposed by Media Matters


Watchdogs of Democracy? : The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public (Hardcover)
by Helen Thomas

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Robert McChesney -

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Media Matters
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Media Problem .org

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Book: Our Media, Not Theirs
The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media
by Robert W. McChesney, John Nichols

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