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The evidence makes it clear that the potential for the abuse of these highly invasive and destructive technologies is real.

The number of people discovering and reporting their electronic harassment and gangstalking is rising daily.

These victims' lives become completely disrupted, often causing physical and mental incapacitation, financial distress and alienation from friends and family.

These crimes are new to the law enforcement communities, mental health care workers and to the press as a whole.

They are committed by "vigilantes", individuals illegally gaining use of technologies through their employment, corporations conducting non-consensual tests on U.S. citizens while under contract with the U.S. government, as well as non-consensual testing and purposeful surveillance by various intelligence agencies of the U.S. government as allowed by Congress under the auspices of National Security.

The biggest problem is not about the ability to show anecdotal reports proving a pattern fitting these crimes. The problem is that too few people understand that these crimes are ongoing.

That is why we must inform them and urge that action be taken against criminals in use of these technologies and methods, and that testing on U.S. Citizens without their knowledge or consent MUST STOP, as it is an egregious violation of human and civil rights tantamount to torture.

Please take a few minutes to inform the people listed on the right. Put an end to the use of these devices now, before they affect you as well.

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littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Also see: Contacting Elected Officials. A "how to" guide that could make the difference.

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