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Entertainment & Psychotronics

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The articles presented on this page are not intended to infer that any of the technologies presented are bad, but are here merely to show you what kind of new technology exists. And, we hope you'll consider what harm could be done if it is abused.

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Entertainment & Psychotronics

Date Headline Source
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) 5/15/2001 An Audio Spotlight Creates a Personal Wall of Sound NY Times
Now sound can be personal without any apparatus shielding our ears. Mr. Pompei gets letters and e-mail messages from around the world from people convinced that his audio spotlight is being used on them as a mind control device. People have written Mr. Pompei asking for devices to shield them from the audio spotlight's insidious mind control uses. The sound, reportedly, seems like it is in the person's head.
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) 9/2003 Hyper Sonic Sound Forbes Magazine
A new ultrasound system can zap a laserlike channel of sound over hundreds of feet. An HSS emitter can put a message to a single person standing in a crowd 200 feet away, without anyone on either side able to hear it
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) 1/1/2005 Silent Sound Through Vibrations
To hear the audio, participants have to press their fingertips to their forehead and they can hear the sound without the use of their ears. The glove is outfitted with "bone transducers" which translate sound into vibration patterns which resonate through bone. No sound at all is heard by anyone but the participant at any time."
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) 2/27/2005 HASBRO Tooth Brush is music to your mouth - DO You Believe In Magic? NY Daily News
The new Tooth Tunes brush transmits sound waves through the bristles into the tooth and jawbone, directly to the inner ear. "If you thought you had a song stuck in your head before, now you really will,"
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) 3/31/2005 Subliminal Behavior Modification Through TV Described in US Patent U.S. Patent Office
"It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal."
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) 4/7/2005 Sony Matrix The Power of Thought Revealed New Scientist
IMAGINE movies and computer games in which you get to smell, taste and perhaps even feel things. That's the tantalising prospect raised by a patent on a device for transmitting sensory data directly into the human brain - granted to none other than the entertainment giant Sony. It describes a device that fires pulses of ultrasound at the head to modify firing patterns in targeted parts of the brain, creating "sensory experiences" ranging from moving images to tastes and sounds. This could give blind or deaf people the chance to see or hear, the patent claims.
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) 8/10/2005 Remote-controlled humans enhance immersive games New Scientist
Remote controlled humans might sound a bizarre and nightmarish prospect, but Japanese researchers hope to harness the trick for computer gaming. By remotely stimulating a person's fluid-filled tubes in the inner ear that guide their sense of balance - researchers have found a way to turn humans into oversized radio controlled vehicles
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) 8/31/2005 Steering Sound to Where it Belongs ABC News
It looks like a disc-shaped loudspeaker, trailing a wire, with a small laser guide-beam mounted in the middle. When Pompei points the flat side of the disc in your direction, you hear whatever sound he's chosen to play for you — perhaps jazz from a CD.  But when he turns the disc away, the sound fades almost to nothing. It's markedly different from a conventional speaker, whose orientation makes much less difference.

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