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Brainwash killers
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  Published:  May 26, 1995 The Glasgow Herald - The Associated Press, Bonn

A TOP-SECRET project in the former Soviet Union in the 1970s turned soldiers and security agents into programmable "human weapons" and is now being exploited by mobsters and private firms, it was claimed today.

The psychological weapon project relied on hypnosis and high-frequency radio waves to turn members of the Soviet security forces and military into fearless, conscienceless fighting machines, said a programme on German television.

The Psychotronic Influence System relied on passwords and numbered codes to activate its subjects.

After the KGB project's existence was made public hundreds of former Soviet soldiers, police, and KGB members have sought health damages.

However the programme said some special Russian police units still use the system today and it has found its way on to the free market, where mobsters and private security firms are using it, the programme reported.--AP.


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