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How It All Began...


This site began as something of a repository for news articles beginning in April 2002. I had come to realize that the image of what was going on in the world according to tv news didn't match the reports by the nearly 60 email news services I receive everyday via the internet. You can view some of the old achived pages by clicking here.

What I decided then was that the most important thing was to continue databasing the articles showing what politicians and national news reported, and the actual occurances.

Now, even George Bush says that a Democracy can't flourish without a free press. Yet, all the time, reports from the press are that political and corporate pressure prevent them from reporting things they'd otherwise report. In a way, that's a direct admission that they don't necessarily give us the real picture.

Confidence - particularly in the national tv news media - is so low that polls often show them as ranking below politicians and used car sales people in confidence ratings.

It became clear to me that causing them to at least separate the news from opinion, and stop the deceptive spinmeisters - politicians and pundits - from lying to the public unchallenged by hosts and moderators who knew the truth about the lies they allowed to be told.

Since information is the most important thing, I began to lead a boycott of a particular news channel, and I'm happy to say, they made some changes and led me to believe that a continued boycott of them was not necessary. I also believed, for a variety of reasons, that I sent a message to other channels.

In hindsight, I now know that in the midst of the boycott, I became a target of microwave psychotronic devices in June of 2002, immediately after making my plans to lead a full-scale boycott known to the media.

Given what I know now about psychotronics and gang-stalking, I can only say that the single biggest danger to our country is not the accuracy of the information we receive via the news. The top priority is ensuring that the mental health and freedom of Americans is not destroyed by unscrupulous individuals with access to some incredible devices capable of inducing thought and reading thoughts and inflicting pain via remote devices.

I know it all sounds too strange to be true. But it is. Please review the site, and read what some of the victims have to say about what they're experiencing, and how there is noone to assist them, and no way to stop the electronic signals that plague them.

Then, maybe you'll understand how important it is to stop this abuse now.


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